L2 Studios Services

Project Approach:

The L2 Studios project approach is different from the typical project approach of most architects and interior designers. First, we utilize a service first approach to everything we do; this allows us to maintain our record of repeat projects with many of our clients. Second, we focus on design and strive to work with you to develop the best possible and most cost effective design possible. Third, we understand the importance of quality construction documents and we have a reputation of completing some of the best documents in the industry. In fact we are often hired by contractors and referred by our local building departments. Fourth, we have two senior licensed general contractors on staff that complete our quality control checks and coordinate all construction issues in the field.

Architecture & Interior Design:

Design of the project is of significant importance. At L2 Studios, rather than delegate this critical task to less experienced staff, the Principals will oversee all design components including schematic design, design development, design details and review of submittals to ensure all elements are integrated for a seamless design with all submittals and reviews per the requirements of the RFP and contract. L2’s award winning designs factor in many aspects of a project including the context (both physical and historic), site, as well as the Client’s needs and expectations. We don’t utilized a “one size fits all” methodology, nor do we have a specific “style”. Each project is approached as a unique opportunity to fully realize the Client’s vision.