L2 Studios Awarded TopID 2020 by NEWH


NEWH TopID 2020

NEWH: “RECOGNIZING DESIGN EXCELLENCE – The TopID award is a prestigious honor determined by NEWH chapter and regional boards to recognize and promote the best in our industry. A firm’s quality design work in the hospitality industry, along with membership and support the firm has provided the NEWH chapter/region, is considered in the selection process. This exclusive recognition is NEWH’s way of supporting and promoting our Designer membership. Not only are firms acknowledged by their local community as a leader in hospitality design, they are also celebrated internationally across the vast network of professionals in the industry!”

NEWH: What does the TopID award mean to our winners?

“It is a PRIVELEGE to go to work every day, push boundaries, be challenged, dream, and be entrusted to create memorable experiences for our clients and their guests! It is an HONOR to work alongside our clients and this phenomenal team, and receive this recognition alongside peers for whom I have so much respect.”

Debra Lemons, Principal, L2 Studios, Inc.