Employee Spotlight: Meet Boyd Joyner

Shining a Light on our Talented Team

Just as every architectural project has its own unique narrative, we each have our own stories as well. Over the next few months, we’ll be sharing some of our career journeys as well as our passions, talents and interests that have shaped who we are and the work we do.



Boyd Joyner’s Story

L2: How did you get interested in architecture/interior design?

BOYD: I’ve always had a talent for drawing. When my dad gave me his old drafting kit, I knew I wanted a career in technical drawing. I was never really interested in architecture as much as I was interested in machine and systems design; combining fittings with gears and motors and how they would interact to produce a particular function. I think that’s where my level of detail originated from. It was only when I was working as a custom cabinetry designer that I thought about architecture. While studying the architectural floor plans for a particular project, I realized that the space would function better if some walls could move or go away all together, allowing for a more open and inviting space. The client loved the idea and had the architect make the necessary changes. I still look at spaces the same way today and think about how they could improve to be more functional, comfortable, and inviting.


L2: Tell us the story of your career journey.

BOYD: After earning my Associates in Mechanical Design, I moved to Camden, Tennessee in 1996 and took a drafting/project design position with Vanguard Services; a marine construction contractor involved in design/build contracts for the Army Corps of Engineers. There I became versed in structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing disciplines while constructing (3) crane barges for the Corps of Engineers: USACE Crane Barges DB-9 and DB-10, and the USACE Henry M. Shreve Floating Crane, as well as several work vessels and landing craft. Working with the COE Marine Design Center and ABS (American Bureau of Shipping), I learned about Cad standardization and procedures.


USACE Crane Barges DB-9_DB-10



USACE Henry M. Shreve, Floating Crane


BOYD: When Vanguard was sold by the parent company AJCC, I moved back to Florida, and in 2002 after taking contract positions with civil firm WBQ and yacht designer Ullberg Yacht Design, I took a designer/Cad administrator position with Kitchen Designs, a high-end custom cabinetry and millwork firm. There I developed the company Cad standards and library, worked with interior designers and clients, and oversaw the production of cabinetry and millwork in the 17,000 sq. ft. facility.

I was contracted in March 2010 by Synergy Wood Products to create a CNC replication of a natural and highly sought-after wood condition. I oversaw the programming, marketing, and production of the E-Peck product line which is still in high demand.

In November 2010 I took a project engineer position with commercial millwork firm SMI, producing custom millwork and casegoods for hospitals and healthcare facilities, schools and government buildings, as well as for the newly reconstructed Camping World Stadium. I left my millwork career and joined the L2 team in 2014 as a project coordinator.


L2: Describe your role at L2 Studios.

BOYD: Like many others here at L2, I put on different hats day-to-day. Whether it be project management, CCA, construction drawing production, or just part of a design charrette, we are all a part of the same team, working toward the same goal. But I do believe that my career path has provided me with some unique experiences and insights that prove valuable to the team.


L2: What projects are you working on now?

BOYD: I’m currently working on and point-of-contact for buildings A and E for the Sunseeker Resorts in Port Charlotte, Florida. I’m also assisting in the design of a SpringHill Suites in Jupiter, Florida. Though I’m proud of all the projects I’ve been a part of here at L2, whether as a project manager or simply assisting in detail work, I’m looking forward to the roles I’ll play in our upcoming projects.

Sunseeker Resort, Port Charlotte, FL


L2: What are some of your biggest accomplishments in your career?

BOYD: One of the biggest accomplishments in my career was a 6-year design/build for the USACE Floating Crane Henry M. Shreve, the world’s largest inland river crane barge and flagship of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Two significant accomplishments here at L2 are the Liebeskind Berlin store in Riverhead, NY and the My Home Fashion Boutique in North Miami. Though they are just small retail build-outs, they were the first projects here at L2 where I was handed the reins and put in the project manager position. I oversaw every aspect of these projects, from client interaction, design, coordination with MEP, local jurisdictions and contractors, to color and material selections and millwork design. Both projects received stellar reviews and I am very proud to have managed them. These were great learning experiences that have stayed with me in the years since and will continue in the years to come.



L2: What are your hobbies?

BOYD: I’m an amateur artist, musician, and luthier. I play bass and guitar and enjoy fishing, woodworking, and tinkering on my 1950 “Shoebox” Ford. As an amateur luthier, I’ve hand-built (6) electric guitars from scratch, including one electric bass and two acoustic/electric custom cigar box guitars; with plans to build more soon. Maybe even sell some….

1950 Shoebox Ford

1950 Shoebox Ford


L2: Have you done anything during COVID that you’re excited about?

BOYD: While working from home, my wife and I planned to completely remodel our kitchen; the one room in our house we had not touched in the 10 years we’ve lived there, other than new appliances. Working nights, weekends and during vacation time, we started demo in July and finished in September. We took the walls down to the studs and partially removed two walls to create a bar-height pass-thru to the living room. We removed the too-low ceiling and framing, refinished the existing cabinets and five new ones. After drywall, a new higher ceiling, better lighting and rearranging of the cabinets for a better layout and functionality, we topped it all off with quartz countertops. On another note, I also decided to go back to my punk roots and get a mohawk while working from home, but that only lasted a few weeks.


L2: What would you like to accomplish/learn in 2021 with L2 Studios?

BOYD: I’m looking forward to working more with Revit in our future projects. I’ve used AutoCAD most of my career and have become quite the expert in both 2D and 3D. However, times change, and we must change with them. I would also like to look into pursuing a certification in either project management or construction specification.


L2: What are you most proud of?

BOYD: I’m pretty proud that I scored myself the world’s greatest wife and together we have two of the cutest, smartest and most creative kids ever! I’m a lucky guy! note to self…buy a lottery ticket.


The Joyner Family


Thanks for sharing your story Boyd!