Post-Pandemic Healthy Hotels and Resorts

Article by Tim Lemons, Published by HospitalityNet

“Post-Pandemic Healthy Hotels and Resorts,” a follow-up article by L2 Studios’ President, Tim Lemons, published by Hospitality Net, defines the design of hotels and resorts in the post-pandemic world with the ‘Four Pillars of a Healthy Hotel.’  The article follows Tim’s previously published article on 21st Century Hotels and Resorts.

Facility Renovation and New Construction Considerations for Healthy Hotels

As we find ourselves halfway through the year 2020, you must admit the days are often filled with a multitude of emotions that range from frustration and apprehension, to optimism with moments of joy, and then right back to frustration in the form of panic and concern. Beginning full force in March we experienced the rapid onset of the COVID-19 novel corona-virus, putting a major dent in the world-wide economy and mostly stopping the hospitality industry. Our leaders and medical professionals have been learning more and more every week and have tried to steer us through these difficult times. It is clear that we are not back to normal, nor have we reached a ‘new normal’ yet, and most agree the virus is here to stay for some time.

As tension continues to build between a desire for normality and a concern for safety for ourselves, our employees and our guests, the demand for quality healthy hotels will steadily increase…

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